Customer & Supply Chain Management

Get to know your customers and suppliers and strengthen your screening, onboarding and registration processes

Identifying, managing and mitigating partner risks:

Identifying and mitigating the risks associated with commercial partners can be much more difficult than risk managing your own business.

Yet doing the appropriate diligence on the company that you keep is imperative. In doing so, you will prevent exposing your company to significant risks, should third parties become implicated in breaches of regulation or illegal activity.

Furthermore, it is increasingly important that you retain evidence of having reviewed your customers and suppliers, so that your business is not implicated if a partner becomes associated with misdeeds.

We will assist you in rating potential risks associated with third parties and provide support with designing, implementing and monitoring policies on an ongoing basis for areas including: anti-bribery, modern slavery and human trafficking, anti-money laundering, data privacy, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

By ensuring you are in good company with your customers and suppliers, the ethos and principles of your business are not at risk from third parties operating in ways that don’t meet your own high standards.


Some parts of the aviation and logistics sector are less formally regulated than others. However, customers and banking partners always require assurance that the risks of transacting with your company have been mitigated through “Know Your Customer” (KYC) processes.

Onboarding your company’s business partners as approved customers and suppliers relies on clear and well understood screening and diligence processes. These will also provide your commercial partners with assurance and certainty when they do business with you.

We perform diligence checks on partners without impacting any commercial operations. Using leading software solutions, we screen your customers and suppliers against global databases of bad actor companies and individuals, to ensure we find any parties that your business might want to avoid.

We also perform enhanced diligence to ensure that the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of your business partner is reputable, and to establish that no media exists that could damage the reputation or integrity of your business by association in the future.

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