Risk Health Check

Review your current compliance and financial resilience against your long- and short-term aims

Analysing risks, ranking and prioritising findings, creating solid foundations for best practice:

If you’re looking to upscale, satisfy banking partners, attract larger clients, potential investment or even take part in any acquisitions, having clarity on your business’ risk appetite and position will enable you to work intelligently and safely.

Prioritising and ranking risks can be challenging, as your business will naturally be focused on day-to-day commercial dealings. Furthermore, finding time to step back and examine risks internally isn’t always plausible or practical.

Our risk and compliance health check will review your structures and strategies, covering all aspects of governance, from how your internal teams operate through to operational processes, transactions and interaction with your customers and suppliers.

Our risk and compliance health checks empower you to get to know the risks in your business and, after careful review and assessment, to see with clarity how they measure up against your company’s risk appetite.

Our health checks allow you to make informed decisions about which clients and supply partners you associate with in relation to areas such as: political and economic sanctions, human rights and anti-corruption, environment and sustainability.

Our comprehensive risk and compliance health checks mean your business can identify and overcome ethical, risk and compliance challenges long before they become a crisis.

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Compliance Frameworks

Supporting ethics, policy and governance – reviewing in house controls, processes and training

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Customer & Supply Chain Management

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Outsourced or Embedded Compliance

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Informed Risk provides a personalised service to suit your requirements – from support and advice on an ‘as needed’ basis, to the provision of a complete outsourced compliance plan.