Risk and Compliance Solutions for Airlines and GSAs

Airlines and general sales agents for their partners seek to fill capacity through excellent working relationships which are built on trust, reputation and proven track records.

In our volatile world, demonstrating that the backbone of your policy is rigorous good governance and compliance will make you stand out from your competitors.

Informed Risk can help airlines and GSA’s to practise and demonstrate these qualities.

Our services include:

  • Careful contracting – Helping to ensure that you are taking a comprehensive approach to contractual relationships, minimising operational exposure and financial risks.
  • Onboarding of partners and supply chain registration – Assisting with detailed registration and compliance requests from your partners, keeping you up to date, fit for purpose and able to demonstrate as much to your partners in the global supply chain.
  • High risk and sensitive shipments – For commercial teams dealing with large clients shipping cargo to sensitive countries, we ensure that you are covered and meeting all compliance and risk requirements, providing training, support and clear guidance to ensure that your business is up to date on the latest best practices.
  • Questions from your bank – If you experience problems or delays to international payments when dealing with, ‘sensitive countries’, we will help you provide your bank with answers to its questions and speed up your processes.
  • Code of ethics – We can help you to demonstrate your ethics and compliance standards to your important suppliers, enabling you to register with them quickly, easily, and with the evidence that they require to hand.

Informed Risk, in a nutshell, identifies the risks and also provides practical solutions. These are two professionals who genuinely can’t do enough to help. Whether you’re a multinational organisation or a start-up, you’re treated with dignity and respect, whilst feeling there is much a more human and personal value to the partnership

Sam Macadam, Director – Airmacs Aviation

The specialist risk management and compliance services we offer


Compliance Frameworks

Supporting ethics, policy and governance – reviewing in house controls, processes and training

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Customer & Supply Chain Management

Know your customers and suppliers better and strengthen your screening, onboarding and registration processes

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Risk Health Check

Reviewing current compliance and financial resilience against your aims

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Outsourced or Embedded Compliance

Helping you scale your business whilst managing your risks and your resources

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Work With Us

Informed Risk provides a personalised service to suit your requirements – from support and advice on an ‘as needed’ basis, to the provision of a complete outsourced compliance plan.