Risk and Compliance Solutions for Cargo Air Charter Brokers

Cargo air chartering has been our business for many years. In this unpredictable political and economic landscape, fast-paced checks on all parties and an in-depth knowledge of restrictions on shipping specific cargo aren’t just important, they’re imperative.

Informed Risk delivers accurate and of-the-moment advice to deliver robust compliance in the Cargo Air Charter sector.

Our services include:

  • High risk, sensitive charters – For commercial teams dealing with sensitive countries and cargo we provide training and support on the latest best practices, to keep you up-to-date and in line with regulations.
  • Tendering – We assist in the completion of detailed tender questions regarding processes and policies, increasing our clients’ rates of success when bidding to large companies and government agencies. This includes the design and implementation of ISO standards and processes.
  • Onboarding requests – We enable you to demonstrate solid ethics and compliance to your most important clients and suppliers, allowing you to register with them quickly, easily and with all the necessary evidence to hand.
  • Trade export controls – We help you identify which licences may be required (for example for shipments that may be sensitive) in order to perform a charter.
  • Prioritising your key strategic business risks – We help you uncover your key strategic risks and find solutions for them, so that you can grow and operate confidently across the globe.
  • Policies and guidance – We empower your team with our expert knowledge of compliance, so your staff receive the correct support and necessary tools to do their job correctly and efficiently.

This is an industry full of complex processes, licensing requirements and bureaucracy. The lesser understood risks can cause complications for the business and sometimes result in major setbacks if not handled well. Having Chris and Hilary as our embedded advisors provides a level of comfort. A safety blanket, so to speak. Their level of knowledge in the risk & compliance field is outstanding. There is no ‘computer says no’ or didactic attitude. Their approach is personable, friendly, informative, and truly expert.

Sam Macadam, Director – Airmacs Aviation

The specialist risk management and compliance services we offer


Compliance Frameworks

Supporting ethics, policy and governance – reviewing in house controls, processes and training

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Customer & Supply Chain Management

Know your customers and suppliers better and strengthen your screening, onboarding and registration processes

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Risk Health Check

Reviewing current compliance and financial resilience against your aims

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Outsourced or Embedded Compliance

Helping you scale your business whilst managing your risks and your resources

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Work With Us

Informed Risk provides a personalised service to suit your requirements – from support and advice on an ‘as needed’ basis, to the provision of a complete outsourced compliance plan.