Risk and Compliance Solutions for Passenger Air Charter Brokers

We understand that passenger air chartering requires excellent service and attention to detail, often under time-sensitive conditions.

Whether you’re working with valued regular clients or developing new relationships, we know that knowledge and good governance are key to securing and retaining important partnerships.

Our services include:

  • Passengers travelling to/from high-risk regions – For commercial teams managing passengers travelling to or from sensitive countries, we provide party screening, training, support, up-to-date best practices and clear guidance on current rules and regulations.
  • Client due diligence – If you experience problems or delays to international payments when dealing with, ‘sensitive countries’, we will help you provide your bank with answers to its questions and speed up your processes. We can also help you identify the best banking options available to you.
  • Prioritising key areas of contracting risk – We identify your key areas for contracting risks and develop solutions to mitigate them, so that you can grow and operate confidently across the globe.
  • Demonstrating ethics in new business pitches – We can help you to demonstrate your processes, ethics and compliance standards to your most important clients, enabling you to register with them quickly and easily, whilst providing all any necessary evidence they might need.
  • Insurance – If you carry high-profile passengers on routings that may leave your operations subject to different risks, we will ensure that you have the necessary protective insurance in place to cover all aspects of your arrangements, business and team.
Chris and his team at Informed Risk have provided us with invaluable practical solutions to business issues. Chris possesses an immense amount of industry knowledge which has reflected in his understanding of the nuances within the risk management sector, while helping us to solve our case.

Challenge Jet Charter

The specialist risk management and compliance services we offer


Compliance Frameworks

Supporting ethics, policy and governance – reviewing in house controls, processes and training

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Customer & Supply Chain Management

Know your customers and suppliers better and strengthen your screening, onboarding and registration processes

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Risk Health Check

Reviewing current compliance and financial resilience against your aims

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Outsourced or Embedded Compliance

Helping you scale your business whilst managing your risks and your resources

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Work With Us

Informed Risk provides a personalised service to suit your requirements – from support and advice on an ‘as needed’ basis, to the provision of a complete outsourced compliance plan.